Casus Circus give us mere mortals the opportunity to realise the true capabilities of our bodies in their latest feat, Driftwood.

In the audience, it feels like the whole spectrum of human emotion is compressed into that one hour. We smile, gasp, and clutch each other as the ensemble leaps, experience real terror as we worry that surely this time someone will fall, surely this can’t be done, and, finally, feel the prick of almost-tears at the awe-inspiring abilities of others with bodies just like ours.

The incredible energy and chemistry between the family-like five performers completes the atmosphere, and the sheer range of tricks they master is astounding, treating us to displays of skill and strength using trapezes, aerial hoops and each other.

One of the most magnificent shows of the Festival, Driftwood is a chance to witness the true physical peak of the human body.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Driftwood, Assembly George Square Gardens, 12-18 August (not 15, 22), 3:30pm

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