Casus Circus’ Driftwood is becoming a staple of the Edinburgh Fringe, and rightly so. Despite the rowdy Fringe goers creating a dull hum outside, inside the grand, billowing Spiegeltent there is complete silence. Casus have our complete attention as they expertly flip, tumble and balance across the stage, and each other. Using a solitary light in the centre of the stage as their one constant, these are performers who know exactly how to put on a show and they do so spectacularly.

Driftwood is sleek, polished and full of entertainment for all ages. The performers manage to create the unimaginable and perform the impossible in a fabulous feat of human flexibility, discipline and balance. Alongside all of this, they still manage to incorporate humour into the show and the whole group genuinely look like they’re having the best time which emanates into the audience. The show uses elements of dance alongside circus, creating a flow of movement as one stunt blends into the next.

Sitting in a fairly small venue so close to the stage may seem like a bold decision but this just raises the tension as the audience can see each intricate detail of the routine, adding to the sense of awe for what they manage to achieve. The double trapeze act is a beautiful piece that truly shows off the partnership between the two women and the unity of the group as a whole, while the solo acts are equally stunning, made more so by the musical accompaniment that suits each piece perfectly.

Driftwood is quickly becoming circus royalty so quick, go and grab a ticket.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Driftwood, Assembly George Square Gardens, Aug 20-27, 4.45pm

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