With rising house prices in the UK capital and the systematic gentrification of those areas with social housing, LUNG’s production E15 presents a troublingly relevant snapshot into the lives of those effected and the hoops that they have to jump through just to be able to live in the area they call home.

The colourful set is made up of homemade protest banners, the talented cast express the experiences of the young mothers, the importance of social housing and the uphill battle that they are facing with the authorities that claim to represent them.

With a subject like social cleansing, you’d be forgiven in expecting a somewhat depressing play. However, this is an uplifting, snappy, witty production that demonstrates the power of a community working together.  A relevant production that packs a punch.

Words: Zoe Atherfold

E15, Summerhall, Aug 22-27 (not 24), 6.30pm

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