Ed Aczel’s new show is a low-energy masterpiece. The poignant multimedia movies are back, the theme is loose and intentionally barely explored. It helps if you know his persona a little beforehand as certain jokes and skits are intended to subvert it. Really, he’s still playing himself as a character.

Almost a no-energy performer, everything is subtle and based on pauses or expressions, minute movements and tiny changes in tempo. It’s something you have to tune into or be attuned to. The crowd work especially is like being bullied by a weather-beaten teacher.

Aczel makes light of the existence of his fan base, but he’s certainly built one. In terms of style he could be said to have found a comfy space to inhabit on the back of it. He knows his voice and how to exploit it perfectly for comic effect.

A tonic for the mainstream and a highlight of this, and every, Fringe.

Words: Tom Crosby

Ed Aczel’s Foreign Policy, Heroes @ The Hive, 10-28 (not 16), 4:20pm

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