There seems to be an influx of collaborative work between comedians at this year’s Fringe, or maybe it’s just me? This theme continues with Ed Patrick’s Comedians’ Surgery, a fascinating show in which junior doctor and comedian, Patrick, interviews guests about health topics. Regardless, any show which allows an audience to get a flavour of more than one guest is a bonus. Particularly when today’s guest is the fantastic Suzi Ruffell and improv sensation Colin Mochrie.

The conversations with Ruffell and Mochrie are light and humorous whilst offering insight into the performer’s lives, and we get a sense of Patrick’s comedic styles, but not nearly enough to push a solo performance. Patrick’s discussion skills are decent, his medical knowledge clearly proficient but explained to the audience in both an entertaining and easy to follow way.

Charades usually spell disaster for all middle-class dinners, however, the game is the highlight of this show. In a desperate attempt to figure out the audience’s ‘favourite’ diseases, both Ruffel and Mochrie must act out an array of illnesses while Patrick fails to guess.

Comedians’ Surgery is a brilliant concept, educational and funny with some superb guests; it’s just a shame we see more of the doctor in Patrick than the comedian. Ed Patrick is perfectly pleasant but is overshadowed by two magnificently talented guests.

Words: Dominic Corr

Ed Patrick: Comedians’ Surgery, Just the Tonic @ The Vaults, Aug 19-26, 2.35pm

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