Once you arrive for Electric Eden, the party has already started. Entering into the show’s Electric Circus venue feels more like arriving at a club event than finding your seat before the show. An atmosphere successfully implemented with the in-character players’ mingling interactions.

Electric Eden immerses its audience into the protest for a modern David against a hegemonic Goliath. With feel good songs and dancing, the show positively addresses societal issues of fear and love and by the end, you’re left wanting more. With its unfaltering joyfulness and moving narrative, it is a fun yet touching ride that you don’t want to stop.

However, some of the characters and audience monologues lack dimension, making the show’s messages regarding human connection problematic.

If you’re looking for a show that will leave you pumped and hopeful, Electric Eden is a must-see.

Words: Sara Vollen

Electric Eden, Pleasance Pop-Up: The Club at Electric Circus, Aug 3-29 (not 23), times vary

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