Award-winning comedian and L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier graduate Elf Lyons returns to the Fringe stage this year – dressed as a parrot. Her latest show, Swan, takes the Tchaikovsky classic Swan Lake and turns it into something no one has ever seen before. Given the opportunity to showcase her triple threat talents for dancing, singing and acting, this is a fantastic comedic success.

Lyon’s one women re-enactment of Swan Lake sees her appear as an array of characters, from the swan in question, to sharks and lizards. She also mixes English with French to create a new language that, although really a garbled nonsense, is somehow still understandable when paired with her fantastic physical comedy. Creating characters out of a suitcase, hand puppet and mops to name a few, Lyons proves that you don’t need a huge cast to create a performance if you’ve got imagination and a coat rack to hang your characters on.

A great show for families, dance fanatics, physical comedy lovers, or anyone with a funny bone that needs tickled, Lyons’ latest hour is a fantastic classical dance remix that only she could achieve.

Words: Joanna Hedley

Elf Lyons: Swan, Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302), Aug 3-14, 16-28, 21:30

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