From the name, you may get the impression this is a magic based show, but the premise lies with three men trying different mysterious test tubes in order to find the cure for a dangerous zombie-creating virus.

There is an overwhelmingly fun atmosphere to Elixir; it has zombies, pop songs and plenty of action, in a way that won’t make you roll your eyes and make jibes about clichés.

We are kept in high spirits throughout at the incredible agility and playful comedy of the performers. Their aptitude for creating atmosphere on stage, while interacting with the audience, is a notable strong point. So funny and sexy, it will make you feel like a middle- aged woman at a hen party even if you are trying to resist it.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Elixir, Underbelly Circus Hub, Aug 9-22 (not 15), 10.00pm

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