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Emily Tresidder: Crazy Is

The intention behind this show is a good one, and a powerful one at that: to raise awareness about mental illness through comedy. Over the course of the hour, Tresidder reads from her own book to help explore the topic of mental illness, while sporadically sharing stories about her past, and focusing almost exclusively on the difficulties surrounding the dating scene. Unfortunately, the jumping between topics makes the show feel quite disjointed at times.

Although her routine does have some funny moments, like Tresidder’s silent dance, unfortunately a lot of the jokes are predictable with an overdependence on clichés and the funniest parts of the act come from her excellent crowd work.

The show, however, is for a good cause and although not particularly refined in its comedy, still manages to be enjoyable.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Emily Tresidder: Crazy Is, Gilded Balloon, Aug 3-29, 9.30pm