Emma Sidi’s second year at the Fringe is a wild ride that she commands with ceaseless vigour, transporting the audience from one frantic scene to the next with an almost unstoppable momentum. A comedic take on the Latin American telenovela, the show blends together drama, passion and, of course, comedy.

The initial panic when the first sketch is purely in Spanish subsides when it become clear that it’s just part of the outlandish act. Sidi’s eccentric and animated expressions make the segment translatable and are hilarious tools she frequently utilises throughout. Her interpretative dancing and accents, however, lack the subtlety that some would prefer but have the audience in tears nonetheless.

Despite some jokes missing the mark, Telenovela remains an entertaining piece.

Words: Calum Wilson

Emma Sidi: Telenovela, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 18-28, 8:15pm

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