Enterprise is an absurdist comedy about four businessman who find their careers in jeopardy when their corporation is about to collapse. They attempt to save the business and their jobs by staying up all night to write a proposal that could change their future.  The characters begin to go to extreme lengths, propelling the play beyond the realms of farce and firmly into the absurd.

American playwright and Fringe First winner Brian Parks brings us another fast paced and witty show, directed by David Calvitto – multi First Fringe winner.  With such a powerful duet behind the scenes it would only be right to have a strong cast perform it.

And rightly so the four strong ensemble bring to life the words of Parks with the use of high energy and spectacular timing. Although some of the clever remarks came at such a speed that they went right over the audience’s head at moments, there is no doubt that the cast were more than capable of producing an entertaining production.

Enterprise is a play that will make you question your existence and the position of power in this world through smart hilarity. If you are a fan of the absurd and enjoy quick paced and sharp humour this show is perfect for you.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Enterprise, Assembly George Square Studios, Aug 3-28 (not 7, 8, 14, 22), 1.35pm

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