Lampaert’s show is at heart an exploration of the odd requirements of US immigration forms, and a deeper look at his own-Anglo-French nature. It’s a bit of a worn out trope but one that he manages to extract a few strong new threads from.

A mixed bag, certain elements of the show feel rather dated, the recurring Mulder and Scully skits especially. Likewise, the jokes based on national stereotypes are also a little too easy. Conversely, the multimedia elements worked for the most part, but the show has as many misses as hits.

The obligatory Pokémon Go joke starts out purposefully shaky but really builds into something much bigger than its parts, and the critique of the media humans send into space to represent themselves to aliens is a joy. All wrapped up with a needlessly ‘risque’ ending that added little.

There’s plenty to recommend, but ultimately Lampaert never seems to quite find his top gear.

Words: Tom Crosby

Eric Lampaert: Alien of Extraordinary Ability, Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, Liquid Room Annexe , Aug 7-28 (not 15), 5.30pm

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