Ever Mainard is both bold and endearing as she guides as through life in hometown Texas and her experiences as a comedian and performer. Although recognisable, her anecdotes are never clichéd and she paints a unique and humorous vision of American life. Her feminist exposure of some of it’s absurdities manages to sit well alongside her more silly and light-hearted jokes.

She shows a human vulnerability in recounting her ‘disengagement’ from her girlfriend and traces the line well between humour and despair, in the most part. An improvised style can sometimes feel random or run short. But Ever’s warm and engaging presence quickly carries us along; her giggle is infectious and her visible enjoyment in telling her quick witted anecdotes is easily transferred on to the audience.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man, Gilded Ballon, Teviot, Wine Bar, 5-28th August, 6:15pm

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