As we climb the stairs into the attic like room at the top of the C Nova building, we view newspaper clippings, lights, and other beautifully arranged objects. The immediacy and fantasy of the small surroundings immerse the audience into the scene so we feel part of the story.

A story which is fantastical and often touching which follows Barri and escapee Sam on an adventure that weaves family history, fable and mythology. The characters move in and out of the room, each time transforming it, as the narrative moves through a variety of landscapes. The narrator fills in the gaps and adds humour to this many threaded tale.

However, some of these threads are not followed thorough enough, lacking explanation and the breadth of ideas sometimes feels it can’t quite fit into the running time.

Still, the ambitious imagination of the show is to be admired and makes it one worth seeing.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Every Wild Beast, C Nova , 3-29 Aug, 6.00 pm

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