Faslane: the home of Trident, just 40 miles outside of Glasgow, Scotland – the home of many of us.

Jenna Watt presents an engaging one woman show that outlines each side of the Nuclear argument for Trident with a personal twist. As a young woman based in the arts, it would be easy to go in expecting an obviously anti-Nuclear bias. However, Watt plays on exactly this assumption as she reveals that most of her family work in Faslane, adding depth to her discussion as she explores how this affects her views.

Watt requires no overstatement or exaggerated drama to command her audience on a topic that refuses to be ignored, informed thoughtfully through her visits to the base itself, the peace camp next door and interviews with Trident workers – her family included.

Despite the polarising subject of her performance, Jenna Watt performs with an intelligent creativity that keeps the audience gripped and makes them leave thinking, still not totally sure where her opinion lies, or where theirs does.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Faslane, Summerhall, 14-28 August (not 15), 7:15pm

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