A ghost story with an eerie truth, Bête Noire’s Father of Lies reenacts the 1973 West German tale of a man, his baby and the fine line between truth and illusion. Bête Noire have spent twelve months studying the dark and twisted tale in a desperate attempt to bring us the truth, but that is the beauty of this story: no one knows the truth, not even those who witnessed it.

A priest meets a woman asleep in a church, they fall in love and she gets pregnant but dies in childbirth. Her death plagues the priest and strange occurrences push him to the very edge of what he believes in. Beyond this story, Bête Noire uncover the circumstances surrounding the characters and ultimately leave it up to the audience on what to believe.

The pair begin with a relaxed conversational approach, questioning the audience on their beliefs and setting a tone from the outset that gets us thinking about what we believe in and the possibilities of ghosts, cults, God and Satan. This adds a human side to their show, highlighting the fact that it is as much about questioning the truth as it is about the story itself. With such a simple set and a larger than life narrative, Father of Lies is creatively executed using an old fashioned projector to add visuals for the audience and reenactments using a single old pram, adding to the unsettling feel of the story.

Father of Lies is advertised as a horror show and surely enough, the elements and themes in the show constitute those of the horror genre. However, don’t expect to be terrified – what you get is so much more than basic scares and Bête Noire deserve serious recognition for what they manage to achieve with a Free Fringe show. It is a thought provoking, disturbing and fascinating hour that will inspire discussions long after the show’s end.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Father of Lies, Silk, Aug 25-26, 4.20pm

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