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Review: Feast at Summerhall

Review: Feast at Summerhall

The table manners were shocking.

From Lecoq-trained Clout Theatre comes one of the weirdest shows of the Summerhall programme – and perhaps the whole Fringe? A one-woman show incorporating elements of physical theatre and dance with a mountain of grub, Feast takes audiences on a surreal trip through hunger and satiety and out the other side. Abject, infantile, totally improper and a whole lot of fun: it’s food, but not as you know it.

Feast is loosely structured as an allegory of the development of humans’ relationship to eating, seen through an absurdist comic prism. As the food passes through stages of breakfast, lunch and dinner, the body’s relationship to it morphs too, moving through deprivation, baroque luxury, and postmodern spectacle. At first, Plaige seems like a prisoner subject to the obscure and capricious rules of a silent Big Brother. Later, she prances the stage like a court jester, before finally transforming into a grotesque spectacle. No spoilers, but expect gasps and laughs to be seasoned with more than a little trepidation.

Our tasting menu included among its many courses noodles, a whole chicken, cake, a melon, and milk. Good luck guessing what’s done with each one! Plaige brings intrepid improvisational energy to a performance full of comic metamorphosis and physical courage. Silly, shocking and just plain freaky, Feast is a transgressive spectacle of wasteful delight.

Feast is at Summerhall – Bruford at Summerhall at 20:30 until the 18th