Now, this was refreshing. Ever feel like most middle-class people in their late twenties? That you’re just too old for this crap now? So does Fin Taylor. Not in that way many comedians claim though, with routines set against whining about Nando’s and Tories. Instead, Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey discusses the revelations that come with transitioning from British left-wing politics and into right-wing. Some would call this ‘honest’ or ‘confrontational’: rubbish, it’s just bloody funny.

Now, granted, the topics aren’t your usual standpoints, especially in Edinburgh. Taylor discusses why the Iraq war was right, the joys of capitalism and – most room dividing of all – terrorism (how hilarious). Regardless of opinion or political alliance, you should find this funny. This reviewer considers himself one of the left-winged writers Taylor ironically lampoons, and everything he says is correct. Hilarious, well-crafted and structured but fundamentally right.

Clearly a seasoned Fringe vet, Taylor doesn’t need to work the crowd. They’re already following him. There are no awkward pauses or stops and starts. A few sharp intakes of breath mingled throughout the crowd, but not a single stone-faced disagreement to be noted.

Fin Taylor invites the audience into the shadows, not to drag us into the darkness but instead, to just look at things we don’t often generate humour around. When we skim the fat and simply look and laugh at a situation, suddenly it isn’t all that dark or confrontational after all.

Words: Dominic Corr

Picture: Alex Brunacci

Fin Taylor: Lefty Tighty Righty Loosey, Just the Tonic @ Tron, Aug 8-27 (not 14) August, 10.20pm

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