Actively controversial and intelligently offensive, Fin Taylor knows he’s white and he wants you to know too.

In a time of Donald Trump and Brexit, Taylor’s refreshingly observant and modern stand up makes him one of the most relevant acts this Fringe. Opening up discussion on passive racism by turning the tables and playing on white stereotypes, he deliberately tries to create discomfort in the mainly white audience to highlight the pervasiveness of white privilege. Using himself as the first port of call for criticism, he points out with sharp and hilarious wit just how absurd the privileges he’s been gifted in life really are.

If this all sounds very political, don’t be put off: Taylor is no less funny for his message, and will leave you in stitches as he mocks the ridiculous aspects of society that we Whitey McWhitefaces conveniently forget to notice.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Fin Taylor: Whitey McWhiteface, Gilded Balloon at the Counting House, 11-28 August (not 23), 11:15pm


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