Review: The Rebirth of Meadow Rain at Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker One)

Exactly four steps Southwest from the Willow tree you’ll find Meadow, wearing a welcoming wide smile and full of excitement. Birds chirp happily in the background as you enter this fairy tale setting, fitting the innocence emitted by writer and performer Hannah Moss.

Moss does a fantastic job transforming and introducing us to the character of Meadow; effortlessly making the audience fall for her likeable personality and childlike vulnerability.  

From the moment we step into this world, the audience accepts the character of Miranda – Meadow’s best friend. And thus, wasting no time, we reminisce and laugh about the past, before the days when Terry made an appearance. 

It’s not often that a show brings in an audience willing to be involved – but it’s hard to say no to your best friend. As the show continues the façade of a fairy tale soon turns dark and real. Silly choreographed dance moves become cries for help, and intimate moments of love become metaphors for intimidating entrapment. 

It’s fair to say that ‘On The Run Theatre’ has done it again! Back in 2014 they had their sold-out debut show ‘So It Goes’ here at Edinburgh’s Fringe.  And no doubt they have come back for yet another successful run.

With genuine moments of heart and beautifully hidden metaphors throughout, The Rebirth of Meadow Rain is bound to bring a tear to your eye.  I’ll raise my hand and admit that I wept a little, yet it’s not all sad, this truthful and powerful piece will leave you with hope in your heart and a feeling of togetherness like no other.

The Rebirth of Meadow Rain, Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker One), 31st July – 26th August (Not 7th or 14th), 1 pm.

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