Review: Thrones! The Musical Parody at Assembly George Square

If you’re still utterly heartbroken by the series finale of Game of Thrones, Thrones! The Musical Parody is the perfect cathartic antidote. It’s as expletive-laden as it’s television counterpart, packed with as much witty dialogue and (surprisingly impressive) dragons.

The musical numbers capture the nature of the Game of Thrones fandom perfectly. Cultural references are scattered throughout the musical; Donald Trump makes for an excellent assassin with an obsession with The Wall, with Harry Potter and Darth Vader also turning up to the party. The narrative itself is pretty straightforward: set against the premise that everyone knows someone who has never seen Game of Thrones. The six cast members then whizz through the biggest talking points of the show in a flurry of wigs, fake boobs and hilarious impressions of some of the more creative accents on the show.

“The Watch” and “The Red Wedding” were particularly memorable musical numbers, with the slapstick and re-enactments never detracting from the impressive vocals of every cast member. Honourable mention must go to an excellent impression of Jon Snow, and his inability to know anything.

It’s easy to see why this show has been a sell-out for the past four years. The jokes receive great applause, the songs are emphatic and capture the tone of all that was deemed brilliant about the tv show. This performance set out to right all of the wrongs of the series finale, and it achieves that and more: Thrones! A Musical Parody makes Westeros great again.

Thrones! A Musical Parody is at Assembly George Square – Gordon Aikman Theatre 10.30 pm until the 25th.

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