Addiction, like a variety of non-physical illnesses, is simply not given the attention required. Particularly addictions to concepts of non-physical substances. Fix blends together research, comedy, poetry and song to tell the story of three people, all suffering addiction in different ways, but linked.

The most respectful aspect of Fix is that it simply doesn’t ‘fix’ anything. This isn’t a self-help class, it doesn’t offer any form of ‘cure’ or answer, nor should it. It examines cases of addiction, looking at ways it is handled, the science involved and the events which can unfold. Musical interludes really display this. A variety of differing song genres are present, a raunchy number relating to porn addiction being a highlight.

There’s a pleasant blend of japes amidst the bleakness of addiction. Though never trivialised, the humour is where we would find it in everyday life and interactions. No cheap shots are made at the concepts or sufferers. Bonds within brains, bonds between brains. The mantra, if you will, for this production. A noble one, an intellectual one at that. The biggest issue faced, however, is the bonding of segments. The narrative at times is difficult to follow and many scene changes feel stilted, but the ending reveal (a call back to the start) is masterfully done.

Fix is a unique piece of theatre which thrives at the Fringe. Aside from the comedy on offer, the Fringe allows for subjects not often heard to scream out. Fix proves to be a well executed and important call.

Words: Dominic Corr

Photo: Benjamin Borley

Fix, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 26-27, 5.40pm

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