This is no ordinary show: Flight is a theatrical and artistic experience. Adapted from Caroline Brothers’ graphic novel, Hinterland, Scottish theatre company Vox Motus create a uniquely personal show for their audience. Two young brothers are on the run from Afghanistan, embarking on the great journey to reach London – safety. Follow their heartbreaking story as they struggle through sexual violence and abuse to find home. The audience are witness to their incredible courage and love for each other as they cross countries with nothing other than the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet. Their story truly emphasises the struggle faced by refugees every day in their fight for survival in a powerful way.

Vox Motus are meticulous in creating every aspect of this creative piece. You are given your own individual booth with a set of headphones, emphasising the intimate nature of the narrative you are about to hear. What unfolds is a carousel of miniature models, depicting each scene of the story in astounding detail, immersing the audience into the journey of the brothers. Their endless creativity captures every detail with a realism that’ll soon have you forgetting they’re only models.

Accompanied by sound played directly for you, a voiceover leads the story while sound effects bring the world to life in perfect unison, showcasing the terror, relief and anxiety felt by the characters through every step of their journey. Flight is nothing short of a magical masterpiece that takes theatre to the next level. Captivating in its execution and enlightening in its message, this show will stick with you for a long time to come.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Flight, Church Hill Theatre, 4-27 Aug, times vary

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