Foil Arms and Hog: Oink

YouTube smash hits Foil Arms and Hog have graduated to a bigger and better venue this year. Performing in that famous big purple cow this year, they deserve every bit of success that comes with it. This show is witty and hilarious from the start: these guys are the masters of sketch comedy and it shows in the audience of their packed out venue who are in hysterics from the word go.

After being sung onto the stage by the audience, the lads treat the crowd to their very first piece: music for the elderly. This is not the only musical interlude in the show either, and later on the trio tackle a side splitting scene in which they get all the words to famous songs wrong. They’re able to whip up chuckles from physical comedy too, with one excellent sketch involving gorillas and twister standing out in particular. The trio involve unsuspecting members of the audience, and the biggest running joke of the whole show is played on one poor punter in the front row which earns enormous excitement each time.

This is an hour of utter silliness and sheer delight, performed with dazzling energy which fills the room with glee as the audience awaits to see the twist in the tale of each of the sketches. This is sketch comedy at its best.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Picture: Luca Truffarelli

Foil Arms and Hog: Oink, Underbelly George Square, Aug 25-27, 8.45pm

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