Foxdog Studios is a delightfully tech-heavy mash up of comedy, musical and C++ programming. The premise is that everyone uses their phones to log onto a closed WiFi network for the show and plays along with the plot of the show live on their phones. To say it’s original barely does it justice.

Despite its genius, it’s worth addressing the key flaw inherent in the concept: as the show requires constant audience interaction, many perceived it to be about them. It was like giving the heckler the stage.

Thankfully, this means almost nothing against the backdrop of homemade technological wizardry and comedic invention that peppered a delicious hour of nonsense. The songs play like  Garth Marenghi’s soundtrack and the characters reek of Vic and Bob. It could all just be an attempt by an early Mighty Boosh to travel back in time and prevent ‘Live at the Apollo’ from ever happening.

Words: Tom Crosby

Foxdog Studios, Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, Aug 23-28, 11:15pm 

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