Frank Sanazi, a charismatic hybrid of Frank Sinatra and Adolf Hitler, returns to the Fringe this year armed with a delightfully silly armada of self-proclaimed ‘comedy classics’ including You’ve Got Me Under Berlin and Mein Way.

The Voodoo Rooms offer up glamorous surroundings as we join Sanazi in ‘ze Bunker’, comically embittered by a series of career mishaps. The entire show is a joyful affair at the expense of Herr Hitler and many other recognisable villains, as Sanazi dances, salutes and curses repeatedly in German to rapt applause.

While some of his more controversial material may not be everyone’s jar of sauerkraut, he and his partner in war crime – the excellent Diva Braun – will leave you in stitches. The jokes are relentless as Sanazi regales the audience with tales of his past travelling companions (Osama Bin Crosley and Saddami Davis Jnr) and a recent encounter with UKIP.  Some momentum is lost in the final songs (several audience members visibly recoil when a ukulele is drawn), and Sanazi’s satire of Trump is less potent than it perhaps could’ve been – but the day is saved by a bizarrely moving and triumphant rendition of David Bowie’s Heroes (“We could be Führers!”).

This is not a ticket for the easily offended, or even for some who are not so easily offended.  However, despite how dangerously close to the bone Sanazi ventures at times, there is always a reassuring grin on his horrifically moustached face to set the audience at ease and remind them that in troubled times, we will always have satire… and schnapps.

Words: Fraser MacIntyre

Frank Sanazi: Stuck in ze Bunker With You, The Voodoo Rooms, Aug 5-27 (not 7, 8, 14-17, 21, 22), 10.30pm

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