Making his second appearance at the Fringe, British Nigerian comic Funmbi Omotayo has a relaxed delivery that eases the audience into a series of gently humorous jokes.

These include topics as diverse as race relations between black people and the police, six-year long ‘holidays’ back to Nigeria, the perils of being the only non-Geordie at a Newcastle United home game and why there aren’t any racist jokes about white people. Fumbi’s easygoing, underplayed delivery successfully proves you don’t need to go big in order to get big laughs, with the vast majority of his jokes hitting the mark. The only exception is a misjudged joke about being indirectly responsible for his grandmother’s death, which is easily forgivable as the show unfolds.

Funmbi Omotayo’s Legal Immigrant is recommended if you want to see solidly entertaining comedy at the Fringe.

Words: Adam Thornton

Funmbi Omotayo: Legal Immigrant, Gilded Balloon, 9-30 August, 9pm

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