Help ma’ boab, it’s only Robbie from River City! Apparently – I’ve never actually seen the show. My mother watches it though. Swimming in the torrents of post-River life, Lamont’s routine centres around surviving life after TV soaps. So now, in the Rose Theatre basement with a dodgy WIFI connection – just how’s it going for Gary?

Humble piety, mixed with lashings of self-deprecation and that hint of pride make for tremendous comedy. It brings out the sadist in us when the boastful get knocked down. Especially when they’re clad in glitter. Sort of an exaggeration of self, Gary isn’t so much playing a character. Instead, the comedy comes from within. He might include a few props and adlibs, but most of the show is Lamont simply being funny.

Dropping the Soap! has it all going on: glamour, musical numbers, campiness and a plethora of famous cameos. A tremendous level of work has gone into this production. In River City, Lamont’s character helped push forward the Scottish media’s portrayals of homosexuality, fostering, abuse and civil partnership. Elements of this are discussed, but not heavily incorporated into the act. It’s a smart set-up: there’s no forced political humour, instead, Lamont relies on natural subtle moments.

Despite his facade, Lamont is a dedicated entertainer who appreciates his fans. Many may cry, ‘You’ll always be Robbie to me,’ but to me, he’s Gary Lamont and that’s just how I want him.

Words: Dominic Corr

Gary Lamont: Dropping the Soap!, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Aug 24-28, 8.45pm

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