Gary Little bursts onto the tiny stage of The Stand 1; it seems to be a struggle to contain his energetic personality and imposing physical presence.

Just Trying to Be Friendly is a warm and comforting show as Little talks about his life growing up in a tiny tenement in Glasgow with his parents and four sisters. But do not confuse warm with soft. Little brings plenty of edge to his comedy, never mean spirited yet able to get the audience belly laughing throughout.

It is modern society’s idiosyncrasies that seems to cause Little the most annoyance, and, although his observations are entertaining some do not quite hit the mark, becoming more rant than comedy. In this way his comedy is quite old school, meaning the younger crowd or tech-savvy audience member may disengage in certain parts.

However, for the most part, Little is comedic dynamite throughout the sixty minutes, entertaining a late night show audience with ease.

Words: Joel Gutteridge

Gary Little: Just Trying to be Friendly, Stand One, 7th-30th August, 9.30pm

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