The five star trio are back as the Gein’s Family third present their wonderfully macabre world of madness, fake blood, innuendo and insanely clever black humour.

Fresh off the back of sell out tours, awards, and television offers, Gein’s Family Giftshop is full of random trinkets and hilariously idiotic sketches. Taking their name from serial killer Ed Gein, you know that you are in for spectacularly twisted show. And while the sketches feel disjointed and slightly patched together – just like a gift shop full of odd collections of bits and pieces – the hour works.

The show is not meant to fall neatly into place: it’s meant to shock and displace the audience. Complete with a quick fire pace and well timed jokes, there is never a moment of silence. The writing is superb, creating a hilarious romp through themes including sexism, gender roles, Brexit, politics and social norms. Every single sketch hits the nail on the head, held together by the charisma and down to earth nature of the two leads. Despite minimal sets, props and costumes, the show works incredibly effectively. The self-awareness of the sketch group particularly stands out, and the constant breaking of the fourth wall really heightens the audience’s connection to the trio.

A fantastically dark sketch show with a brilliant twist at the end, Geins Family Giftshop: Volume 3 is ingenious. Reminiscent of League of Gentlemen, the trio deserve to follow in its footsteps for bigger television success.

Words: Claire Jack

Gein’s Family Giftshop: Volume 3, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 2-28, 10.20pm

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