Squeezed into the Wee Coo at George Square, Norcott seems genuinely surprised that he’s managed to sell out his show to Edinburgh’s ‘liberal arts crowd’ and he’ll make a point of telling you so. Right Leaning but Well Meaning is the alternative comedy show of the Festival in that it is the only openly Conservative supporting Brexit enthusiast act around – or so Geoff Norcott wants you to believe, because his comedy reputation now depends on it.

As a rare breed of comedian who openly supports the right of politics, Geoff Norcott has managed to wangle his way onto a few television and radio shows, including Question Time. He even declares at one point in his show that he’d once been head hunted as a representative for the Tories, which he modestly declined. Norcott is a quick witted individual and whilst he is proficient in his support for the political right he does still appreciate the comical value that Britain’s current government is offering up. In fact, at times you are left questioning if Norcott is actually a right wing imposter capitalising on the humourless perception of the Conservatives.

This being said, Right Leaning but Well Meaning is surprisingly not overflowing with the political content that one might expect. Instead, Norcott regales his audience with stories about not punching naked gay men, his disabled parents and challenging his own ideas about parenthood.

Norcott is in the comedic minority but here to represent the voting ‘majority’ and whilst his show does provide a few laughs, this is not yet the funniest show of the Fringe, nor is it a show that everyone can appreciate. For those living in a delightful liberal bubble come and challenge your principles and feast your eyes on a real life Conservative: yes it is a white English man. For those who are kin to Geoff Norcott’s political affiliations, come chortle along with one of your kind.

Words: Ryan Johnson

Geoff Norcott: Right Leaning but Well Meaning, Underbelly at George Square, Aug 10-27, 6.40pm

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