Review: Get Her Outta Here by Isabella Broccolini at Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

You are unlikely to encounter another performer quite like Isabella Broccolini this fringe. Get Her Outta Here is a visceral, absurdist treasure that explores female identity and is intensified by Australian Isabella’s unique and eccentric comic energy.

Tucked away at the very top of the venue in the Attic, there lies an Isabella Broccolini in a suitcase with her face hidden, looking much like a mannequin.  As she jerkily emerges, she manipulates the unwieldy suitcase as a prop. It seems to portray a women’s ‘clunky’ and often complex place in society but in the nature of absurdism,

Adorned in red, Isabella resembles the love child of a devilish looking Amelie and a Dr Seuss character and is fiercely striking and unafraid of quickly but intensely staring at the audience. Visuals aside, the content of the piece is compelling and Isabella tells stories that flit between being grotesque and potent with poignant explorations. Unapologetic in approaching sexual themes, Isabella artfully shocks her audience without edging on being unnecessarily vulgar. She interlaces her stellar acting skills to tell stimulating stories in an unconventionally witty way.

Many shows explore female identity and unfortunately many suffer from a lack of originality, Get Her Outta Here, however, is admirably composed in strangeness and is a brilliant piece of absurdist, gutsy theatre.

Get Her Outta Here by Isabella Broccolini, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, until 25 Aug, 12.45pm

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