Long time best friends, Will and Barny, present their debut Fringe show, Giants. Opening with their made-up dialect, the young duo already have the audience in hysterics at their silly yet adroit comedy.

Jumping from sketch to sketch at an almost breathless pace, the pair persistently present inventive pieces that garner laughs every time without ever becoming tired. Previous sketches were referenced throughout, cleverly allowing for the show to appear whole rather than segmented. A profound chemistry between Will and Barny fashions a show that is full of life and ambition, with great momentum and heaps of laughter.

Despite this being their first Fringe and the duo both being relatively young, the pair perform with full confidence and give the impression of seasoned actors – an excellent show.

Words: Calum Wilson

Giants, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 12-28 (not 15), 3:15pm

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