Better than Glee, Gobsmacked! will leave the audience as the title. The mesmerising show breaks the stereotype of what a cappella singing is capable of, re-working the composition of household songs so that they become unrecognisable.

Admittedly, if you despise anything remotely similar to the Top 40, you might be tempted to avoid this show. Even then, you will still be astounded by the power behind the voices of the cast members, all of who are far superior than the pop stars they imitate, in both talent and entertainment. Be sure to watch out for ‘Ball-Zee’, the British beatboxing genius.

Parents, do take heed upon bringing your children to this show: they will clap and laugh, get up to the front and dance, and they will most definitely be in danger of relentlessly begging you to take them back for a second or third viewing. Truth is, you won’t want to say no.

Words: Perrine Davari

Gobsmacked!, Udderbelly, 6-31 August (not 17), 4.30pm

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