Gigi is a 90’s girl. She grew up in a world of Michael Jackson, ring watches and The Craft with her gang of four best friends, feeling invincible. Except, Gigi feels different. She has a ball of energy and feelings she’s too afraid to release for fear they’ll call her a freak, they won’t want to be friends with her anymore. So, she conceals her feelings, traps them inside her and goes numb, but it’s not so easy. Numbness comes with its own consequences, as Gigi discovers as she grows up.

In Good Girl, Naomi Sheldon has created a deeply personal show that resonates with so many young women. Her wit and 90’s references are hilariously relatable but so is the darker side to her story. Sheldon brilliantly captures the confusion of growing up as a girl and the need to please and act like a ‘good girl’. She captures the troubling relationships between girls and boys and between society and young girls at their most vulnerable, making this show a powerful piece of storytelling.

Sheldon delivers her narrative with passion and conviction, employing a down to earth approach with her intimate audience. You’ll feel at home with Naomi Sheldon as she tackles a subject that will move even the toughest crowd. Good Girl gives young women a voice while remaining honest and hilarious. Feel everything, don’t hold back – you’ll leave her show feeling empowered.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Good Girl, Just the Tonic @The Mash House, Aug 20-27, 1pm

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