Goose: Hydroberserker is like entering into the mind of a brilliant absent-minded professor, one who specializes in comic neo-oral tradition. In the crescent shaped theatre of Assembly’s Piccolo Tent, Goose’s frenetic lead Adam Drake orates an entertaining modern Odyssey.

A hilariously unique prose of boy meets girl then boy haphazardly tries to reconnect with girl. With a big band, guest players as chorus and a little audience help, Goose: Hydroberserker makes the form of epic storytelling anew.

Though Drake’s hyperactive narration is hard to follow at times, he makes up for it with his effective use of sketch comedy, metafictional anecdotes, and flawless execution of callback. Unfortunately, its technical direction hinders more than it helps. Though its use of modern technology distinguishes Goose, failure in basic technical aspects disrupt and distract.

As a whole, Goose: Hydroberserker is a fun, trippy experience, despite its technical difficulties.

Words: Sara Vollen

Goose: Hydroberserker, Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo Tent, Aug 4-28, 4.30pm

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