Gossiping. Whispering. Laughing behind the backs of others. These can be damaging behaviours to engage in, as Lenka Vagnerova and Company’s Gossip illustrates in a flurry of props, flexibility and impossible melodrama. Employing a number of theatrical elements, Gossip is a dance extravaganza that tries hard to say something.

The choreography is impressive, and in each of the six dancers there is talent abound: the performers sail through the air and across the floor with ease, all the while exhibiting a mind-blowing suppleness. The dance piece is visually striking, but it is also undeniably bizarre – the creepy soundtrack that swells in the background gives off, at certain points, an eerie and uncomfortable feel. The theatricality of it all becomes intense very quickly, with the music and lighting choices making for a memorable show.

Gossip is a tense, expressive spectacle, which – when you peel back the grandeur of it all – appears to pass comment on the notions of rumour spreading and secrecy. In one particularly emotional moment, two of the characters in the dance must confront the consequences of their own miscommunication.

The extent to which Gossip will appeal to you is extremely dependent on how much you enjoy the unconventional, since it often feels like the show has been designed to achieve maximum levels of outlandishness.  The boundless stamina of the dancers is undeniable, though, and each element here comes together to form a highly creative performance.

Words: Morgan Laing

Picture: Viktor Kronbauer

Gossip, Zoo Southside, Aug 11-15, 8.30pm

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