Maguire is utterly adorable, sickeningly so. However, she does have a twisted knot to her humour which deserves as much praise as one can offer. Great People Making Bad Choices is all about a subject matter comedians should be well versed in – storytelling.

Grainne doesn’t just tell stories, she crafts incredibly intelligent reflections of current affairs through a delightful charm which drives home just how hilarious Maguire is, but also how ridiculous the situations she’s critiquing are. There are, however, a few nervous glitches to the routine, and one or two punchlines fail to really make the mark.

So, as Maguire herself echoes, “are women funny?” You’re intelligent enough to know the answer so we don’t need to dignify that with a response, but you can be sure that Grainne Maguire certainly is, plain and simply, funny.

Words: Dominic Corr

Picture: Idil Sukan

Grainne Maguire: Great People Making Great Choices, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 7-29 (not 16), 7.15pm

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