Half Breed is heartbreakingly relevant and is undoubtedly one of the most important shows you’ll see this Festival.

Jazmin lives in a small West Country village with her gran and her best friend Brogan. They visit a tree in a field that has a rock for every time they’ve visited together – a symbol of their friendship and childhood. Brogan is a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty who dreams of motherhood; Jazmin is mixed race and wants to go to acting school in London. Jazmin doesn’t fit in. Telling her story in powerful rhythm is actress Natasha Marshall, depicting Jazmin’s personal struggle with her race alongside her societal struggle in a close minded village that doesn’t accept her.

Marshall delivers this story with raw emotion and captivating energy that draws her audience beyond the show and into the wider picture of race. She conveys to the audience what it’s really like to be mixed race, and portrays the constant struggle for identity with honesty. Her narrative manages to relate to each member of the audience, reducing many to tears as she depicts the reality of racism and the struggle to fit in. She dives in and out of a poetic narrative, giving the show a beautiful rhythm and strengthening particular moments so they never leave our minds.

This one-woman show is more powerful than words can convey. It is shocking, emotional and triumphant in its message.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland 

Picture: The Other Richard

Half Breed, Assembly George Square, Aug 9-27 (not 14), 12.20pm

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