Late-night irreverence meets some serious scrutiny with this laid-back, arty showcase of Middle East talent and culture.

The concept is vague, innovative and a little messy. Twenty writers from fourteen different Middle Eastern countries are invited to contribute work via social media. This in turn gets turned into a sort of live cabaret, featuring music, song poetry, improv theatre and weaving!

The scruffy format seems to work. In the capable hands of the show’s hosts plus their special guests, there’s loads of warm humour to dissipate the sometimes darker chat of on going political tensions in the Middle East.

Northern Stage’s 2015 project promises to keep our eyes and minds open, at least just past to the midnight hour, with its blend of ‘planned but not planned’ entertainment.

Will something worthwhile percolate from all this creative chaos? Give peace a chance!

Words: Mark Johnstone

Here is the news from over there (over there is the news from here), Summerhall, 8-30 August, 11.10pm

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