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Review: HoneyBee at Gilded Balloon

Review: HoneyBee at Gilded Balloon

‘Oh my God, that’s my song’ Kate shouts as she storms in and raises the roof of the Rose Theatre attic – the first clue that we, the audience, are in for a good night. Millennial frustration masked and blinded by glitter, Eleanor Dillon-Reams one-woman show relates to all previous and current twenty-year-olds. A pinch of humour, a splash of insecurity, a glug of wanting to be loved are all chaotically stirred round with some added pills, sex and tumbling body glitter, glued cohesively together with bee trivia and served up to the expectant crowd.

Dillon-Reams use of the stage, considering it was on the smaller side, is impressive, her body shifting from one character to another with such ease you could be fooled into think there was another cast member present. With a very diverse audience attending, we were all brought on Kate’s journey and, sometimes picked to be a part of it; your neighbour jealous that you’re the lucky one that’s been singled out – a rare feat in an immersive show. 

HoneyBee ends with a coming together of performer and audience, a standing ovation, and, when invited to come up for a chat, Eleanor Dillon-Reams was quickly swarmed by her hive of newfound fans.