Watching Horse McDonald in Careful is like taking in a raw mosaic self-portrait. Though the stage of Gilded Balloon at the Museum is minimally dressed, the show itself profoundly examines the glass shards and precious gems that make up this inspiring portrait.

The one-woman show, performed by the Scottish singer-songwriter, follows Horse as she shares the moments, experiences and people that make up her life. The narrative – provided by writer Lynn Ferguson – combined with Horse’s courageous vulnerability successfully carries a powerful emotional impact. It should be forewarned that the piece contains subjects regarding sexual assault and emotional violence which may be triggering.

Though Careful doesn’t shy away from darker aspects of her life, it also rejoices in her triumphs and love. For those who have a soft spot for tales based on a true story, Horse McDonald in Careful is as good as gets.

Words: Sara Vollen

Picture: Kris Kesiak

Horse McDonald in Careful, Gilded Balloon at the Museum, 3–29 August (not 15), 7.30pm

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