These women are what the Fringe Festival is all about. Hot Brown Honey are an explosion of energy and entertainment in the form of five strong women, defying the norm and shouting for change and equality for women of colour and all minorities. Led by Busty Beatz and Lisa Fa’alafi they are unlike any experience you’ll see anywhere else. They can sing, dance, act…and I haven’t even started with aerial or hoop work yet.

They can put on a show like no one else can in any Festival, anywhere. Each member of the group take it in turns to showcase their individual talents, each one boosting the buzzing energy of the room. They’ll have you pounding your feet and wanting to return again and again. From rhythmic lyrics, to bouncing beatboxing  and a beautiful and powerful aerial performance, their diversity is endless, all the while proving you can never have too much sass.

This isn’t where it ends. The creativity within the production is astounding, proving that a political performance doesn’t have to be limited to the overly serious or even confined to a single genre. Hot Brown Honey have a message that pulses through every moment, but at the same time, they are also the epitome of entertainment and genre all of their own making. From the large, lit up Hive that takes centre stage, to the multitude of costumes and cleverly crafted humour injected in all the right places, the entertainment value doesn’t retract from their message but rather enforces it.

Sing at the top of your voice, clap until your hands sting and dance all night because they are here to conquer. Hot Brown Honey want you to “decolonise and moisturise”. I want you to go and experience their empowering show.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Hot Brown Honey, Assembly Roxy, Aug 12-27, 9pm

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