“Fighting the power never tasted so sweet”. MC Busty Beat’s battle cry echoes throughout the show, serving as the tagline for Hot Brown Honey throughout as the group entertains, educates and inspires.

Merging dance, cabaret, song and acrobatics to create a heady variety show, they never let us forget that they are women of colour who not only demand, but deserve, to be heard. Their vibrant encouragements to ‘make noise’ gains weight as the show goes on, as it becomes apparent that it’s not just an empty chant but a call to arms for women to make noise, take up space, and live unapologetically.

Far from the preachy, condescending feminist stereotype, the women of the troupe make everyone feel welcome from the outset, talking to the audience as they enter and performing with an infectious joy: this show has clearly been created with the intention to tackle inequality with openness and inclusivity.

Showing off the fantastic range of skills the performers have, with an aerial display one particularly moving highlight, Hot Brown Honey is guaranteed to dazzle you in every way.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Hot Brown Honey, Assembly Roxy, Aug 3-28, times vary

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