It’s the longest night of the year. As a snowstorm rages outside, seven people gather around a dinner table, laughing, flirting, chatting, and gradually, as the evening unfolds, revealing their secrets.

All of this the audience witnesses from out in the cold, looking through a window to the warmth and light within, the glass stopping us from hearing a word of what’s being said inside.

A ghostly presence hovers on our side of the window, sardonically discussing the guests’ foibles. ‘They all want something,’ she tells us. Whether that’s love, affirmation or simple companionship, each guest briefly gets their desire and then loses it.

Poignant and melancholy, yet hilarious in places, and with wonderful staging (think Rear Window crossed with an Edward Hopper painting), Vanishing Point’s Interiors is a brilliant piece of theatre.

Words: Judy Diamond
Photo: Tim Morozzo

Interiors, Lyceum, 6-8 August, times vary

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