The Attic at the Pleasance Courtyard is a smaller-than-intimate space and Jamali Maddix doesn’t let you forget it for a minute. Close enough to talk to each audience member, he has no fear and no boundaries in how he rips into anyone brave enough to try and compete.

As he drawls out opinions and tales with such relaxed ease, it’s almost easy to forget that you’re in a show, so natural is his brutalist brand of humour. Casually touching on race, class, feminism and back again as he spits out his view on what is, Maddix makes no effort to persuade others to agree with him, but speaks with such offhand intelligence that it’s difficult not to find yourself nodding along.

If you’re easily offended, stay away. If you think you’re not, prepare to be challenged.

Words: Chiara Margiotta
Photo: James Deacon

Jamali Maddix: Chickens Come Home To Roost, Pleasance Courtyard, 5-29 August (not 15), 8:15pm

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