Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jamie MacDowell and beatboxer extraordinaire Tom Thum are two Aussie blokes with a brilliant musical show not to be missed. They bring together different skills to create a mesmerising performance that makes for an excellent Fringe hour well spent.

Although both incredible talents in their own rights, together Macdowell and Thum form a musical alliance which is beautiful to watch unfold. Hailing from different parts of Australia and different backgrounds, these boys have created a show which is pure magic.

With a minimal set-up of just a few mics and a guitar these two manage to create an immersive performance, capable of winning over even the most stubborn musical purists. Its diverse, exciting, and engaging from start to finish.

There’s a mixture of brilliantly funny vocals creating personal and reflective tunes and more upbeat mellow songs along the way. This brings natural highs and lows which shift the mood of the audience effectively – the mark of truly gifted performers. The duo have an undeniable chemistry onstage which makes both the music and the stuff in-between really special.

It’s easy to become invested in this show and to see why they are such an acclaimed pair: Macdowell and Thum are performers with capabilities that will astound you.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum , Assembly George Square Studios, Aug 10-20 (not 15), 8pm

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