Jay Lafferty’s solo debut stand up comedy show Besom is a brilliant and conversational set full of wit and hilarious observations about this day and age.  She explores the issues of growing up with labels and the pressure of society on ones shoulders, expressing how expectation never meets reality. Claiming she has now fully accepted failure, she invites us to do the same in order to find true happiness.

Lafferty’s confidence on stage and strong yet charming attitude give her audience a cheeky insight to her personality, which in turn has them roaring with laughter at each clever joke.

She creates a familiar atmosphere from beginning to end, and engages with her audience with such playfulness and genuine curiosity that we have no choice but to cling to her every word.

Lafferty is a force to be reckoned with. Her humour is relatable to all, she manages to make her mature audience feel young, and the young feel oddly uncomfortable regarding how easy life is for them today.  Lafferty finds humour in every situation and makes stand-up look effortlessly simply.

If you want to feel good and forget the anxiety society can cause for an hour, then get yourself to the Rose Theatre because Lafferty deserves all success that comes her way.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Jay Lafferty: Besom, Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre, Aug 2-28 (not 14), 8.30pm

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