With walls adorned with a clown costume, glittering leotards and those nineties classics, the popper ‘trackies’, it’s incredibly difficult to judge what kind of evening Jayde Adams: 31 is going to be. While billed as comedy, what we come to realise is that Jayde Adams can turn her hand to anything, even interpretative dance.

Weaved together in a surprisingly grand narrative we realise that all of these costumes have a meaning. What seemed like a museum of the nineties is actually an unfathomably touching, personal and hilarious routine.

So many Free Fringe acts turn out to be far superior to some of the profile names one could attend. As a prime example, Jayde Adams turns out to be a highlight of 2016. 31 is a production clearly close to Jayde’s heart and something she should be deeply proud of.

Words: Dominic Corr

Jayde Adams: 31, Voodoo Rooms, 15-28 August (not 17), 10:30pm

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