In the depths of Pleasance Courtyard’s Below, one will find an ephemeral material set and soon discover its hidden theatrical treasure, Jellyfish. The children’s show begins as the lights dim and the cast enter by slowly tip toeing in one by one. Then, through the cast’s excellent puppetry operation, the stage comes to life, creating a whimsical moving image that visualises a young boy’s imagination.

Jellyfish follows the young boy telling the story of how a jellyfish came to live with his family and the coinciding difficult circumstances they faced. Through inventive use of set, puppetry and props, the show efficaciously incites childlike wonder in all, and creates a moving discourse on mental health through it’s intelligent prose and narrative techniques.

Jellyfish is powerful work of theatre that beautifully shines a much needed light.

Words: Sara Vollen

Photo: Matthew Kaltenborn

Jellyfish, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3-29, 11:45am

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